100 Years

The Champion of Champions

Celebrate Fausto Coppi’s 100th birthday in Hollandale Wisconsin. On September 14, 2019, begin with refreshments at 2pm while setting up your bikes for the finest vintage bike show Hollandale has ever seen. A traditional pasta dinner with Nonna Coppi’s secret gravy recipe and birthday banana cake will be served after 6pm. On Sunday, September 15, coffee & bagels will be served for preride nutrition. Then a lovely 100km, 50km or 25km ride through southwest Wisconsin. Postride lunch will be the best Wisconsin has to offer - beer-boiled brats, pasties, grilled corn on the cob and more.


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Vintage Show



They say it is not about the bike, but in this case, it is. Come show your finest, worst and everything in between. Registering for this event will require you to register at least 1 bike, but bring as many as you are able. You will need to tell us the year, make, model and what's cool about the bikes.  What are the couple things you want people to know about them, because we want to know! Awards will be given for Best Bianchi, People’s Choice, People’s Choice Varsity (best low-end bike) and Host’s Choice. And as long as we are giving stuff away, a swag bag for everyone just for attending.




Sunday morning we meet at 7-8am, begin at 9-sharp, rain or shine. 100km with 4000ft of climbing, 50km with 1900ft of climbing or 25km with 1000ft of climbing in Wisconsin’s driftless area, depending what you feel that day. A map & cue sheet will be provided and you will have other riders with you, but this is an entirely unsupported ride, so be prepared for any road issues. There will be rest stops in Daleyville, New Glarus and Blanchardville. The routes can be seen here

100km 50km 25km